Susan Taylor, formerly known as Susan Lynn Perry, is a proud graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN).  She is the best-selling author of Procrastination Elimination and Hindsight, as well as coauthor to several popular anthologies, including Cup of Comfort, Thin Threads and, most recently, We Will Survive, with legendary disco superstar Gloria Gaynor.


Susan's passion for helping parents find answers to the challenges of autism inspired her to host a weekly radio show podcast, The Mother Cub Show, All About Autism, which garnered over 17,000 listeners/month from all over the world. Through her many years of research, she discovered the powerful effect that proper nutrition can play in healing that condition (as well as many others).  Currently, Susan's mission is to help educate and transition her clients to a whole-foods, gluten-free diet by making small changes that can often lead to BIG results.  

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