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Ready, Set, Connect....(with nature, that is..)

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Have you ever noticed that some of the most beautiful things we see in life are things we see in nature?  When someone thinks of a striking image, they often think about a gorgeous sunset, a sandy beach scene or the vivid colors of a peacock’s feathers.  We all have a connection to nature that runs deep within us, but we often take it for granted.

When I'm outside in the fresh air, it tends to put things into perspective for me. There’s a sense of peace and connectedness that I just don’t get when I’m inside a stuffy building.  Even here in Texas, where it’s hot and humid most of the time, I'm still drawn to the outside to enjoy the lovely colors supplied by Mother Nature.  I purposely go out in our backyard at least once a day to breathe deeply and connect with nature, especially when I’m under a lot of stress.  

Dr. Joseph Mercola touts this as one of the easiest ways to decompress and de-stress, and one of the healthiest ways too.  Dr. Mercola’s research shows that when we surround ourselves with the beauty of nature, it can have a profound effect on our health.  In particular, he states, “When you ground to the electron-enriched earth, an improved balance of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system occurs.” This is especially true when we do it in our bare feet.

This process is called “grounding” or “Earthing” and has been suggested by many to not only help thin the blood, lighten your mood and perk up the immune system, but to help rebalance the nervous system as well.  There seems to be an innate power and wisdom present when we allow ourselves to appreciate nature and simply melt into being one with the Universe.  Those who do it regularly swear by the positive effects and make an effort to do it daily for those very reasons.

According to the research and articles I’ve read, when you walk barefoot on the ground, there's an incredible healing that can take place inside the body.  If you try and do this several times a week, it can actually reset your circadian rhythms and balance your energy.  As Dr. Stephen Sinatra states, author of Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever?, “One of the major benefits of Earthing is that it appears to assuage inflammation through the transfer of negatively-charged electrons from the surface of the Earth into the body (where the electrons neutralize positively-charged destructive free radicals involved in chronic inflammation).”

Let that sink in for a minute. Since we all have free radicals floating around in our bodies and we can do something as simple as walking around barefoot in the backyard for a few minutes to reduce systemic inflammation and bolster the immune system? Sign. Me. Up. The next time you're feeling frustrated and overwhelmed, I highly suggest you give this a go. And who knows? Maybe you’ll find that Mother Nature will be happy to help you “get grounded” too!

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