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“Susan gives her clients simple, fun and attainable goals that promote a holistic approach to health, empowerment and personal fulfillment.” ~ Wendy S.




“I’m a big fan of Susan Taylor!  With her patient help and dedication, I feel like I’m finally

  getting my life back!  And her Chocolate Chip Walnut cookies are the bomb!” ~Amy M.



“As the mother of a special needs child, I often forget the importance of taking care of myself first!  Susan reminded me that if I continue to let my health fall apart, who will take care of my son?  It took some convincing to make me realize that this is not a frivolous expense, but a necessary one to make sure I am happy and healthy for myself and my family." ~Rondha N.



“I was a little skeptical at first, but Susan reassured me that she could help me tackle

my digestive issues.  After 2 months on her program, I’m happy to report I’m feeling

 better than I have in ten years! Thank you, Susan, for all that you do.”  ~Debbie M.



“Susan, I felt compelled to write to you and tell you how glad I am to find you and thank you for providing such a plethora of inspiration and information.” ~Keri T.




“If you have the chance to work with Susan, take it! She will give you concise information

about how to begin to improve your wellbeing by making small, manageable choices that

will work for you, your spouse, and your entire family!” ~Cyndi M.




“I’ve had the privilege of working with Susan Taylor, and her passion to help others with resources, tools and helpful advice is truly amazing.” ~Chad W.




Susan is one of the most talented, professional and compassionate 

people I’ve ever had the honor to work with.” ~Mark P.


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