Congratulations on making this life-changing commitment to your health and happiness.


Get ready to change your life in only 21 days.


When I created this program, I had you in mind. 

You are busy.

You need a plan.

You want it to be easy to follow and implement.


By the end of this program, you will know the following:


**How to eat clean on the go

**How to batch cook

**How to look good and feel great 


Sound amazing? Yes, it is!


I'm sure you are wondering whether you’ll be able to manage this program, and the answer is ABSOLUTELY.






1. READ YOUR GUIDES!  COMMIT. You have daily actions steps. I've made it easy for you to make massive changes with                   small action steps.  



2. PLAN YOUR MEALS FOR THE WEEK.  Refer to the suggested meals and go shopping with your shopping list.


3.  PEEL, CHOP AND PREP WHEN YOU GET HOME.  Take the extra time to wash, chop and peel your produce for the week right       when you bring home your groceries. I know it can seem like a big task but try employing the entire family and make a             date of it. This will save you HOURS during the week, not to mention unwarranted stress!


4.  MAKE YOUR DIPS AND DRESSINGS FOR THE WEEK AT ONCE.  Store them in glass mason jars in the refrigerator.


5.  PRE-COOK YOUR PROTEINS AND STORE IN THE FREEZER.  Grill, broil or bake your protein, slice it up and store in the                freezer.


6.  PREP THE NIGHT BEFORE.  Get ahead of the day by prepping your breakfast, smoothies and daily drinks the night before.


7.  ALWAYS HAVE HEALTHY SNACKS WITH YOU.  This will prevent you from making poor choices when you’re out of the house.      Seeyour Recipe Guide for ideas.

To get started right away, download and save your materials my copy/paste link below into your browser::


To your health and happiness,

Susan Taylor

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