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Bubbles, Anyone?

I like a good glass of bubbly just as much as the next gal, but when I’m working hard to maintain good health, it’s best to keep those bubbles to a minimum. Too much alcohol degrades the stomach lining, upsets the microbiota and accelerates aging…not to mention the damage it can do the liver, brain and other organs. So when happy hour rolls around and I’m feeling the urge to participate, I’ve created a very tasty “mock-tini” that fits the bill perfectly. It incorporates kombucha, which is a special tea that has been fermented to create its own live probiotics, so instead of destroying your all-important microbiome, you can help it thrive by adding in some of the good guys! Kombucha can be found in most grocery stores and comes in many different delicious flavors, such as lemonade, strawberry and jasmine hibiscus.

Happy Hour Mocktini

1 can ginger beer (nonalcoholic)

1 bottle mineral water

1 bottle strawberry kombucha (or sub your favorite flavor)

Fill a champagne flute with crushed ice and add equal parts ginger beer, mineral water and kombucha. Cheers!

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